coming soon...

01. Current location
Babylon,just off the m50.

02. First record you ever bought
Looking for the Perfect Beat-afrika Bambataa and the Soul Sonic Force

03. Last record you bought
Clipse-Hell Hath No Fury LP

04. Favourite musicians
Pharoah Sanders, Miles Davis and the guy who busks at the bottom of my garden every morning. He really plays the spoons like no other!

05. Favourite tracks
Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Public Enemy - Fight The Power
Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express
Underground Resistance - Hi-Tek Jazz
Fast Eddie - Acid Thunder
Satoshi Tomiie - Tears
4 Hero - Universal Love
Rufige Kru - Kemistry V.I.P
Faze-O-Ridin High
Bob Marley-Natural Mystic

06. Favourite movies and/or books

Star Wars (all 6 films)
The Warriors
La Haine
Infernal Affairs
Ninja Scrolls
Fist of the North Star


Iceberg Slim - Trick Baby
John Steinbeck - Of Mice And Men
James Baldwin - Native Son

07. Favourite labels
Early Warp
Def Jux
Early Def Jam
Sleeping Bag
Tommy Boy
Minus 8

08. The perfect pizza
chicken,olives,pineapple,mushroom,jalepeno peppers,and another layer of pineapple on top of that.

oh & thin crust...that extra thick crust with cheese inside will turn you into a whale.

09. The shoes you wore today
fluffy pink slippers

10. First thoughts when waking up
Why's the bed wet?

11. Your most overused phrase on an instant messenger
that's shit.

12. Best curse-word

13. Musical styles the World doesn't need
dubstep - just put all your old jungle records on at 33rpm they'll sound better.

14. What inspires you to make music?
thoughts of world domination via the medium of aural manipulation

15. Favourite music production tool
I find other ppl's records very inspiring...some you can sample, others are so bad it gives you hope as you realise you couldn't make anything worse even if you tried. Some can be too good and make you just want to give up...but I chuck those in the bin so they don't count.

also logic and nord 3 are gems

16. Your secret audio weapon
akai s6000 and cd3000 xl

17. Other software you used today
cubase sx3 (great for audio but still nowhere near as quick as logic)
flux plug ins
kontakt 2

18. Musical instruments you play
keyboards (badly)
drums (even more badlier) just like my use of the english language

19. Person you least want to meet
Me in a bad mood,or even worse:
Me horny

20. Music you listened to today
None...but I'll be putting on Bob Sinclair's 'Afrikanism vol.3' a little later when I start cooking dinner.

21. Worst musical event
Live 8, most if not all the artists were there only to boost their careers and nothing else.

What the fuck does Mariah Carey know about Africa and famine???

22. Best musical event
DEMF-One day I WILL perform there,even if it's sitting outside playing the spoons for lunch money.

23. Worst personal event
Having to move out of London because the cost of living skyrocketed. In a strange way I've never been the same since leaving my hometown.

24. Best personal event
Getting a huge publishing deal a couple years back also getting signed to Reinforced records...oh & touring Japan last year was great!

25. Worst trackname ever
Bad Karma - what's this Karma bullshit all about?
oh & 'Candy Shop' by fiddy cent, what's he want in a candy shop? Is he trying to pick up little kids or something?

26. Best trackname ever
Never Mind the Bollocks - Sex Pistols

27. Favourite member of Wu-Tang Clan
RZA - without him there's nothing

28. Best conspiracy theory
That Aliens were behind World War 2 since the US president wouldn't allow them to abduct as much humans as they wanted to carry out experiments on. So they decided to go back in time and give Hitler the technology he needed to take on the world. When those aliens met him (the Ashtar Fleet Command) they all had blue eyes and blonde hair and were very tall. Hence his desire to build the perfect race,which he assumed to be those aliens and despite him being the exact opposite to them.

Anyway he failed and now plainaudio have plans to make a superrace of computer hacking monkeys that will hack into the computers in the whitehouse and put naked pictures of Cycom on as their screen saver.

Shocking stuff really.

29. Favourite softdrink