Born and raised in Berlin, Bad Matter (formerly known as Fixed Frequency) underwent many musical influences in his life.Throughout the years his interest in music grew constantly and he started djing in 1992.

Only 2 years later he purchased his first sequencer and synthesizer, which gave him the ability to work in diverse projects of various styles including collaborations with fellow musicians and works for theatre.

Right from the beginning he was fascinated by "broken" rhythms and his musical development shifted more and more towards drum'n'bass and jungle.

His style is energetic and intelligent. Complex drumwork and crystal-clear mastering marks the man's works. His dj-sets are evenly characteristic and unconventional and his tracks perfectly complement the plain productions catalogue.

[2007-01-01]  INTREC-DGT010 [Intransigent-Digital]
// True Romance (w/ Scary)
[2006-10-01]  NBR002 [No!Breaks Records]
// Giant Warrior (w/ Scary)
[2006-06-01]  HBV002 [Hell?s Bassment]
// End of Days (w/ DJ G-I-S)
[2006-05-22]  INTREC007 [Intransigent Recordings]
// Blood for Blood
[2006-05-01]  INTREC-DGT003 [Intransigent-Digital]
// The Dreamer (w/ Su3-ject)
[2004-03-03]  ACR 003 [Alphacut]
// Bad Matter - Jazzthing b/w Cycom - Rude Bwoy (LXC Rmx)
[2004-03-01]  ACR003 [Alphacut Records]
// Jazzthing
01. Current location

02. First record you ever bought
Der Traumzauberbaum

03. Last record you bought
Isaac Hayes - The Isaac Hayes Movement

04. Favourite musicians
Examples: Paradox, Technical Itch, Current Value, LXC, Madlib, Miles Davis, Buddy Rich, Steve Reich and of cause James Brown

05. Favourite tracks
Every day is a new day with a new favorite

06. Favourite movies and/or books

07. Favourite labels
Plainaudio ;), Intransigent, Freak/Obscene/Tech Freak, Outbreak, Paradox Music, Bassbin/Breakin...

08. The perfect pizza
Hard question ...quattro fromagi or siciliana ?

09. The shoes you wore today

10. First thoughts when waking up
"What could be the best music now?" "Coffee - Quick!"

11. Your most overused phrase on an instant messenger

12. Best curse-word
"kunde" (customer), for people that are smiling for everything, but i don't use a lot curse words

13. Musical styles the World doesn't need that the world doesn't need? I can't believe this, but for me garage, eurodance and german folk(polka is better)

14. What inspires you to make music?
My life and sometimes other music (mostly funk)

15. Favourite music production tool
my brain ;)

16. Your secret audio weapon

17. Other software you used today
shutdown4you ...great software to shut your computer down automatically :)

18. Musical instruments you play
drums (no kits, just single drums) and "onehand-keyboard"

19. Person you least want to meet
there are some, but I'm no hater

20. Music you listened to today
kode 9, digital mystics

21. Favourite member of Wu-Tang Clan

22. Best conspiracy theory
I don't actually care... hmm, best (music): digital conspiracy