When you're tired of playing one game, just take out the cartridge and put in another. That's Cartridge in a nutshell - whether it's his personal style, his music, or his way of thinking. Having spent his younger years jumping wildly around the musical map, devouring anything from saccharine synth-pop to '90s grunge to pretentiously harmless new age and everything in between, he settled down with drum and bass long enough to develop his production skills and release a few tunes on labels such as Freak, Bassbin, Dread, and Basement.

It seemed at first to provide the ultimate forum to continue his stylistic explorations indefinitely; in theory, at least, the only guidelines to drum and bass are fast tempo and using electronic means of production. But having staked out his piece of the drum and bass pie with harder-edged material like 'Dark Shadows' and 'Inside Your Mind', he quickly discovered that in practice, there's a lot more to it than that. His exercises in studied cliche were proving far more successful than any of his whole-hearted artistic explorations...not in terms of money or even record sales, but in terms of recognition and hype. But, well, isn't the point of selling out to make money? What's wrong with this picture?

So, out of the need for sanity and clarity, he moved on...leaving behind a fairly large selection of unreleased material produced over the years that just didn't sound enough like his so-called breakthrough hit for any of the big boys to take much notice. Find some of the gems from that time here on Plainaudio!

[2006-08-30]  CARTRIDGE - NO DATA   /// GO TO RELEASE
[2007-05-07]  b/w Martsman - Antifunk [Counter Intelligence]
// Just Let Go
[2006-08-01]  Jack Smooth - Plight Of The Innovators (Cartridge Remix) / Original Mix [Basement]
// Plight Of The Innovators (Cartridge Remix)
[2006-06-01]  w/ Pyro & Jesla (feat. Techtronix) - Edge City / Cho [Nerve]
// Edge City
[2005-12-19]  w/ Nolige - X-1 / Innersense [Bassbin Recordings]
// X-1
[2005-02-25]  w/ V.A. - Technical Freaks Destruction Ritual [Technical Freaks]
// Inside Your Mind, Dark Shadows
[2005-02-07]  w/ V.A. - One More Nail In The Coffin EP [Technical Freaks]
// Inside Your Mind
[2004-09-13]  End Of The World / Dark Shadows [Freak Recordings]
// End Of The World, Dark Shadows
[2004-08-18]  w/ V.A. - Timeless Music Group Presents L.O.A.D. Media [Knowledge Mag Mix CD]
// Dark Shadows
[2004-05-17]  w/ V.A. - The Dungeonmaster's Guide [Human Imprint]
// End Of The World
[2004-03-22]  w/ V.A. - The Sideshow EP - Chapter 1 [Freak Recordings]
// Light Cycles (feat. John Rolodex)
[2003-01-01]  w/ John Rolodex - Industries E.P [Dread Recordings]
// Life Forms, Telepathy, Acid Jungle
[2003-01-01]  w/ V.A. - Thought Process [Covert Operations]
// Probe One - Strata (Cartridge Remix)
[2002-01-01]  w/ John Rolodex - The Dragon E.P [Dread Recordings]
// Hard Rain