Cycom was first inspired by drum'n'bass when he witnessed Grooverider play the legendary Metalheadz Sunday Session@Blue Note in London.
After spending countless hours developing his production skills and deciphering the rhythmic mayhem of breakbeat music, he released his first tracks to a large audience on
From then on, things quickly evolved. He got in touch with Simon V from Santorin Records, the label which released his first 12" only 3 months later (a remix of Simon V's "Broken Promise"). The press reaction was immediate and overwhelmingly positive.
Cycom has released on various international labels and is renown for his distinctive sound and trademarkbeats.

[2002-06-01]  CYCOM - VOID   /// GO TO RELEASE
[2008-10-09]  CYCOM - ISOTOPE   /// GO TO RELEASE
[2011-02-01]  2012 EP pt. 2 [SRBE]
// Trophy, Snowstorm
[2010-10-18]  2012 EP [SRBE]
// 2012,Nothingness
[2010-09-09]  ACR 20 [Alphacut]
// Cycom - Rudebwoy VIP, Cycom - Rudebwoy (Fanu Rmx)
[2010-05-01]  Misspent Compilation [Misspent]
// Cycom - Niagra
[2009-06-01]  Misspent 11 [Misspent music]
// Sub - The King (Cycom Rmx)
[2009-06-01]  Ambassadors 4.2 [Santorin]
// Cycom - Shine
[2008-12-15]  The Syncopaths (feat. Equinox, Nebula, Sub, Macc, ...) [Syncopathic]
// Cycom - Sorted Out
[2008-09-07]  SYNCO019 [Syncopathic Recordings]
// The Nomad, Kingsnake
[2008-08-01]  10YRS SANTORIN [Santorin]
// Misgiving
[2008-06-01]  Lightless 004 [Lightless]
// Petrol b/w Martsman & Bad Matter - Cold Love
[2007-04-05]  Transmute 006 [Transmute]
// Kickflip, Stars
[2006-10-01]  Alphacut 005 [Alphacut]
// Down the Drain
[2004-11-01]  Undiscovered Sounds of Hamburg Vol. 5 [Dunkelbunt]
// Movin' On, Distractions
[2004-03-01]  Alphacut 003 [Alphacut]
// Rude Bwoy (LXC Rmx)
[2004-01-02]  Querschlag 3 [Querbass]
// Vostok 1
[2003-11-01]  Undiscovered Sounds of Hamburg Vol. 4 [Dunkelbunt]
// Sorted Out, Head On
[2003-01-01]  Alphacut 001 [Alphacut]
// Rude Bwoy
[2002-12-01]  Ambassadors [Santorin]
// Nightflight
[2002-08-01]  Undiscovered Sounds of Hamburg Vol. 3 [Dunkelbunt]
// Lindwurm - Hornisse (Cycom Rmx)
[2001-06-01]  Oscillate [Santorin]
// Oscillate, Astrophysics
[2000-11-01]  The Remix EP [Santorin]
// Simon V - Broken Promise (Cycom Rmx)
01. Current location
Germany, Hamburg, Apartment, Bedroom, Desk

02. First record you ever bought
Genesis - Abacab

03. Last record you bought
Donuts by Jay Dilla (rip)

04. Favourite musicians
Public Enemy, Danny Breaks, Elliott Smith, Source Direct, Swervedriver, Cristian Vogel

05. Favourite tracks
in no particular order:
Company Flow - Patriotism
Barry Ryan - Eloise
KRS One - Sound of da Police
Nina Hagen - Naturträne
Krust - Bad Intentions
Elliott Smith - Between the Bars
Lemon D - Static
Jon Brion - Here We Go
Robag Wruhme - Fittichklopfer
Roots Manuva - One Hope (Witness the Fitness)

06. Favourite movies and/or books
Lost Highway
I Heart Huckabees

Jonathan Coe - The Rotters Club
Murakami Haruki - The Wind-up Bird Chronicle
Max Goldt - Ä

07. Favourite labels
Metalheadz, Def Jux, Reinforced, Breakin, Counter Intelligence, Warp, Musik Krause

08. The perfect pizza
Mozzarella, Ham, Spicy Salami, Pineapple

09. The shoes you wore today
Oldschool Adidas sneakers

10. First thoughts when waking up

11. Musical styles the World doesn't need
Most stuff tagged "intelligent", because in most cases it's boring

12. What inspires you to make music?
Brilliant music made by other people

13. Favourite music production tool
Buzz Modular Tracker

14. Your secret audio weapon
Brain, Trans-X, MTrk

15. Other software you used today
Litestep, Firefox, FileZilla

16. Musical instruments you play
Guitar, Piano, Drums

17. Music you listened to today
El-P, Kashmir, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Squarepusher

18. Worst musical event
Krust spinning in Hamburg and sucking big time

19. Best musical event
Krust spinning in Cologne 5 years earlier and blowing me away

20. Best personal event
Becoming a father

21. Worst trackname ever
Thugged Out Bitch

22. Best trackname ever
Happy Happy Joy Kill, Witness the Fitness

23. Favourite member of Wu-Tang Clan

24. Favourite softdrink
freshly squeezed orangejuice