Flowpro has been standing behind the turntables since 1995, convincing the audience with his energy fuelled sets. As junglehead of the first hour, he loves playful beats and basses of the fattest kind.
After moving to Hamburg in 2000, he quickly connected to the Dunkelbunt crew, infamous for their legendary drum'n'bass parties. Only shortly after that, the contact to plain productions was established.
Flowpro later moved to Berlin, where he has become a respected figure in the drum'n'bass circus with his sets that reveal a deepness which is seldom to be heard in Germany.

01. Current location

02. First record you ever bought
2 Unlimited - The Workaholic *shame*

03. Last record you bought
The new Prince album

04. Favourite musicians
Goldie, DJ Shadow, Prince, Spirit, Digital

05. Favourite tracks
Second Sun, Airdrumming, Nightflight, Push the Button, Fuck Yeah

06. Favourite movies and/or books

07. Favourite labels
Metalheadz, Commercial Suicide

08. The perfect pizza
Spicy Salami, Olives, Onions, double Cheese

09. The shoes you wore today
Royal Elastics

10. First thoughts when waking up
What's my character in World of Warcraft doing

11. Best curse-word
24/7 Drum'n'Bass Nerd

12. Musical styles the World doesn't need
Every music has its right to resist

13. Your secret audio weapon
Kriss Kross - Jump

14. Other software you used today
Spybot - Search and Destroy

15. Musical instruments you play
Guitar, Piano, Didgeridoo, Maultrommel, Technics Mk2

16. Music you listened to today
Greatest Rock unplugged 60s-90s

17. Worst musical event
All piano based happy hardcore music

18. Worst personal event
A Drum'n'Bass event after a really shitty HipHop liveact

19. Worst trackname ever
Touch my Tralala

20. Best trackname ever
Theo, wir fahr'n nach Lodz

21. Favourite member of Wu-Tang Clan
RZA (best beats for Ghost Dog)