Funky Drummer Macc is a pretty well known name in the Leftfield scene with a PhD in Drumscience. Various releases on Paradox' Outsider Recordings, Counter Intelligence, Exegene amongst others and forthcoming bits on Breakin', Mindrush Recordings and 13 Music witness the man's talents. Besides being a producer, Macc performs live Drumfunk across Europe as well - something one must not miss!

For live bookings contact Macc via email.

[2006-02-16]  MACC - AIR DRUMMING   /// GO TO RELEASE
[2006-01-23]  w/ V.A - Drumfunk Vol.1 [Vibe'z]
// Guttural
[2005-12-19]  My Beautiful Defect / Swallow It [Outsider]
// My Beautiful Defect, Swallow It
[2005-11-21]  Journeys / If... [Outsider]
// Journeys, If...
[2005-08-01]  Dilations / Spooked [SC:DIGITAL]
// Dilations, Spooked
[2005-07-25]  w/ Polska - Drum Day (Beta 2 Remix) / Hexplore [Counter Intelligence]
// Drum Day (Beta 2 Remix)
[2005-03-01]  Empty Instruments / Non Linear Phrasing [Exegene]
// Empty Instruments, Non Linear Phrasing
[2004-10-11]  w/ Paradox - Drumpaper / Guttural [Outsider]
// Guttural
01. Current location
Work, near Westminster, London.

02. First record you ever bought
Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F (for my brother's birthday)

03. Last record you bought
Wayne Shorter - The Soothsayer, and Ornette Coleman - Skies Of America (curse you, Amazon!!)

04. Favourite musicians
Fyfe Ewing
John Stanier
Tony Williams
Joe Chambers
Don Cherry
(a far from conclusive list!)

05. Favourite tracks
Wayne Shorter - The All-Seeing Eye
Don Cherry and John Coltrane - Cherryco
The Jesus Lizard - Dancing Naked Ladies (or Boilermaker, can't decide)
Slint - Washer
The JB's - Gimme Some More

06. Favourite movies and/or books
The original and best Star Wars
The whole Elvis Cole/Joe Pike series of books by Robert Crais
American Psycho (the book, of course!) - Bret Easton Ellis
and, sod it, Glamorama - Bret Easton Ellis. Utterly incredible.

07. The perfect pizza
That's a tough one...

A PROPER traditional Italian cheese, tomato, ham, mushroom and olive, or;

Dominos - Half Texas BBQ, half Mighty Meaty (with the honey and mustard dip please, thanks).

08. The shoes you wore today

09. First thoughts when waking up
Either 'Ladies, I'll be right back', or 'ah bollocks'.

10. Your most overused phrase on an instant messenger

11. Best curse-word

12. Musical styles the World doesn't need
Pop-metal dnb, Kenny G-style 'jazz'

13. What inspires you to make music?
A great many things :)

14. Favourite music production tool
Cubase SX

15. Your secret audio weapon
My 1966 Ferrograph 5 valve reel-to-reel tape machine, and my secret realism editing techniques

16. Other software you used today
Mozilla Firefox

17. Musical instruments you play
Drums, trumpet, guitar, bass, piano (a little bit)

18. Person you least want to meet
R088!3 W!11!@m$ (although he may be the person I'd most like to meet)

19. Music you listened to today
Wayne Shorter - The Soothsayer (see above)

20. Worst musical event
Buying 'Hey Music Lover' by S-Express (I was 9 or something!!!)

21. Best personal event
Dropping a stick during my drum solo at the end of a school play in front of 300 other pupils, saying 'BOLLOCKS!' and having the headmaster look angrily in my direction.

22. Worst trackname ever
Anything with unnecessary Z's where S's should be, numbers replacing letters, intentionally poor spelling/grammar, that kind of thing. So something like '4 DA HEDZZ' would make me vomit.

23. Best trackname ever
The Jesus Lizard - Happy Bunny Goes Fluff-Fluff Along (you should hear it)

24. Favourite member of Wu-Tang Clan
ODB (for comedy) or GZA (for pure lyrical skill)

25. Best conspiracy theory
The one about the trails left in the sky by planes being some chemical to keep us all sedated or whatever it is. Get a life :D