Martsman got into Drum & Bass around 1998, when Goldie released "Saturnz Return". Together with Roni Size's famous "New Forms", these two pivotal albums were his introduction to the music.
Artists like Sonar Circle, Alpha Omega and Squarepusher had a formative influence on him during that time and after witnessing a Paradox live set around 2001, his ever growing interest in Drum & Bass evolved to the point where he began to produce his own music.

His vinyl debut in 2005 on New York based Leftfield flagship Offshore Recordings as well as digital releases on net-labels Exegene and Plainaudio have received recognition from all over the Leftfield scene. For 2006, new tracks and Remixes are already scheduled for Offshore, Bassbin/Breakin and Counter Intelligence amongst others.

With his affection for prominent basslines and stumbling breaks in combination with glitchy edits and bleepy minimalism, Martsman has developed a unique musical style which extends and transcends the current perception of Drum & Bass.

[2005-09-30]  MARTSMAN - GENOM   /// GO TO RELEASE
[2008-12-22]  OSR021 [Offshore]
// Klikoucha, Disharmonic Anti-Anthem
[2008-12-01]  MEDIC12 [Med School]
// Trueschool Drumkit Wonder, Sir Gordon Jumpmeister III, Apathetic Robot Squad, Assemblyp
[2008-07-21]  BRK009 [Breakin]
// Naibu - Aki, Martsman - Aeiro
[2008-07-07]  LIGHTLESS004 [Lightless]
// Cycom - Petrol, Bad Matter & Martsman - Cold Love
[2008-06-09]  MEDIC8 [Med School]
// 8-Bit Bouncer, Halow
[2008-03-31]  New Blood EP [MEDIC7] w/ V.A [Med School]
// Worst Case Scenario
[2008-03-17]  B/W Angelzero [Warm Communications]
// Recess (Martsman Remix), Bluetone
[2007-10-08]  B/W Deo&Matik - Boulder (Martsman Remix) [Trust in Music]
// Kontamin, Boulder (Martsman Remix)
[2007-05-14]  b/w MZE/Nalpas - Blut/OE Pt.1/2 [Alphacut]
// Jump Funk
[2007-05-07]  w/ V.A. - Buried Treasure Vol. 1 [Offshore]
// Marksman
[2007-05-07]  b/w Scuba - Braille Diving [Offshore / Hotflush]
// Step Up (Berlin)
[2007-05-07]  b/w Cartridge - Just Let Go [Counter Intelligence]
// Antifunk
[2006-11-13]  Twitchy Droid Leg Remixes Pt.2 [Offshore]
// Twitchy Droid Leg (Martsman Remix)
[2006-10-20]  w/ V.A. - Noise Corrosion v.1.0 [Exegene]
// Martsman - Roads (Sileni Remix)
[2006-05-01]  Roads / Blob [Exegene]
// Roads, Blob
[2006-04-24]  w/ V.A. - The Unsung Heroes [Knowledge Mag Mix CD]
// Roads (Sileni Remix)
[2005-11-21]  b/w Klute & Pieter K - Material Trip [Commercial Suicide / Offshore]
// Ago
[2005-03-01]  Geister/Vert [Exegene]
// Geister, Vert