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Pricing for packaging & shipping

Great Britain16,-

1. General
These Terms and Conditions rule at any time. Contradictory or divergent conditions are not accepted unless the seller has given his/her explicit agreement in writing. All agreements between the seller and the customer for the purpose of order execution are written down herein.

2. Quote & Order Execution
The offers are not to be considered as binding, but represent a request for submitting a quote. Through order confirmation (via Email etc.) or order execution the contract is accepted and to be regarded as valid. In case of spelling and/or calculation mistakes in the website or delivery problems caused by a supplier, the seller reserves the right to withdraw from the contract. Principally, only personally required quantities are provided. Substantial consignments need to be especially agreed upon prior to order confirmation.

3. Pricing & Terms of Payment
Prices are stated in EURO (EUR). We don't charge tax (VAT). The calculation of the amount due is based upon the prices valid on the day of order confirmation. National orders can be paid by bank transfer. For international orders payment must be effected by International Bank Transfer. The customer has the right to claim compensation only if his/her claims have legally been verified, undoubtedly determined or accepted by the seller. Moreover, the customer reserves the right to keep the goods because his/her claim is based upon the same mutual agreement.

4. Terms of Delivery
Delivery within the period stated provides that the seller himself/herself receives the goods in due time and that all technical queries have been clarified in advance. Due to circumstances beyond the seller's control, strikes, delivery restrictions or any other circumstances which the seller is not obliged to justify, delays in delivery may result in an adequate prolongation of the delivery period. Keeping the seller's obligations also provides that the customer duly fulfils his/her part of the contract in time. Should any of the parties to the contract fail to fulfil their obligations, an objection may be filed by the party put at a disadvantage. If the customer does not accept the delivery or does not comply with his/her obligations, the seller is entitled to claim compensation for the damage incurred, including additional cost. The seller reserves the right to register further claims. Given the circumstances described in the above section (delivery denial), the risk of destruction or the goods' quality deterioration is transferred to the customer in the moment of failure. Until the customer has not fulfilled his/her obligations, the seller is not committed to deliver. The seller is entitled to effect partial deliveries as long as this is reasonable for the customer.

5. Warranty & Liability
The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract or insist on a discount if the deficiency elimination fails, or if the seller is unable to correct the deficiency or provide a substitute, or if the deficiency elimination is postponed longer than acceptable due to reasons which the seller has to justify. However, the customer can only withdraw if the seller has not kept the appropriately extended deadline set by the customer in writing. Withdrawal must be communicated in writing by the customer. Further customer claims do not exist. Especially claims for damages including loss of profit or wealth are excluded. The binding sections of the law for product liability remain without impact. A warranty limitation does not apply if the damage was caused wth intent or negligence. It does not apply either if the customer claims compensation because of a promised but missing property/characteristic. Is an essential contractual obligation neglected, the seller' s warranty is limited to the prospective damage. The warranty period lasts 6 months, beginning with handing over the goods. This is a limitation period and applies for compensation claims for consecutive damage as well.

6. Returns Policy
The customer has the right to return the products within a 14 day period. Within this period of time the customer has to send the goods back to the below stated address at the seller's cost and risk. The period starts with handing over the goods to the customer. For returning the order no reasons need to be given. A return in due time renders the contract null and void. The right to return the product or withdraw from the contract does not apply for sound carriers, videos or software if the warranty seal has been removed by the customer.

7. Exchange & Complaints
Used articles or worn textiles cannot be exchanged. Care instructions of textiles must always be followed. Articles which have not been treated as described cannot be exchanged or complained about. CD covers, CD inlays, vinyl covers and video covers are regarded as packaging material and thus are excluded from exchange. The seller aims to provide the latest version (e.g. current tour date, improved designs, etc.) at any time. Textile prints on sleeves and back may slightly differ. Alloverprints may show unprinted spots at the edges because of the difficult production. These spots cannot be avoided and do not represent any loss in quality. Special offers and products on sale are only valid as long as available and cannot be exchanged. Prices changes are reserved for the seller.

8. Reservation of Proprietary Rights
The goods remain property of the seller until all payments resulting from the contract have been effected. If the customer breaches the contract, especially in case of delayed payment, the seller is entitle to take back the goods. By taking back the goods as well as by seizure, withdrawal of the seller from the contract has been conducted. The customer is obliged to treat the goods appropriately until full payment has been effected.

9. Applicable Legislature
The ineffectiveness of individual contract sections does not mean the complete ineffectiveness of the whole contract. The German legislature applies, excluding the UN Right. Unless otherwise confirmed, the company's headquarters are the place of contract fulfilment.

The address for sending back items can be requested by sending an email via contact-form