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The first release on plain productions featuring Cycom's trademark beats and Dustlab's vocals on Static Electrikal. A classic, which was sold out 2 weeks after its initial release.

/// knowledge magazine [uk]
Fans of old skool Photek and lovers of the new breed clinical sound of Teebee, Polar et al will be well into the lead track. Minimal, edgy and serious, 'Void' is a great tune, making its impact with razor sharp snares, ice-cold jazzy chords, lunar bleeps, bizarre vocals and punchy bass.

/// [uk]
Cycom is a little hidden gem for all the people who like their music deep. Obviously influenced by Photek, this wicked little stepper is as deep as you like and of an excellent standard.

/// de:bug magazine [ger]
Very cool tracks from one of Germany's best drum and bass producers. With 'Void' he obviously propels his Photek preferences into new heights and rocking swinging coolness. Ground bleeps, bizarre chords, very smooth jazz references and an attitude which will make this track a classic in years to come. On the back breakier with a sci-fi attitude and occasional amenstops, one high-speed run through a decade of drum and bass (have we actually already celebrated that?). Plus a bonussmasher in the early prototype style. Rapid.

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NBM [ 2005-07-26 16:29:46 ]
Hey - i bought this record a long time ago in cologne as a promo - now i know, where it is from...

Madsen [ 2005-08-02 15:28:32 ]
Exactly what today's dnb is missing. Good old times ;) Big up!

Josh-Hill [ Netherlands, 2005-09-08 12:52:26 ]
Great record... if you still can find it somewhere, buy it... love the atmosphere and the power of the Photekish drums in Void... Static Electrikal showcases some really powerful drums, you just can't stop dancing!

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Deck@s [ Rotterdam, 2005-11-02 20:40:52 ]
still keep doing it again and all over again
all tracks so good so massive.. wicked shit
oscillate (my favorite) rude bwoy, sorted out, vostok 1 ......... all really great tracks!!!
please come and play in rotterdam :D
one of a hell big respect again for this!!!

h4b1t [ the old smoke, 2005-11-14 02:07:27 ]
Sad Dread's Journey ;D
<span class="answer">Yep, my friend. But as you know, just the vocal was left ;)</span>

dustlab [ Omaha Nebraska USA, 2005-12-15 10:05:42 ]
Big up, Cycom! Been a long while my friend. Did a search to see how you were doing. Loving what you are putting up!
Get at me when you have a chance.
Steve G. aka Dustlab (the voice from Statik Electrikal)
<span class=answer>Man, I just realised, that I forgot to credit you. This will be done immediately!</span>

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