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iaka, label founder and dj, flexes his skills on this release. "the one we like" is his first output on his own label and it sports outstanding technique and unique sound.
"the one you like" is a freshly shuffled roller featuring huge reese-bass clearly destined to get people's feet moving. it is very bass-heavy with occasional vocoder-vocals thrown in and reveals its full potential when the sequencer hookline finally hits you. massive.
"the one i like" starts of with sinister atmosphere and deep subbass. iaka really rolls out the beats on this one: heavily beatswitching combined with killer breaks and a stop-n-go vibe keeps the tension at maximum levels. while being not as catchy as "the one you like", this track is a strong statement for technical sounding and break-fueled drum'n'bass.

A     THE ONE YOU LIKE 15.9 MB 15.9 MB

B     THE ONE I LIKE 15.4 MB 15.4 MB

beatokko [ santiago, 2005-08-21 21:05:33 ]
Amazing tunes, both. The one i like > the one you like, even tho the first one is a dancefloor rinsa. Big up bruv, some cool music for the masses. Respekt!!

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Jan Matthies [ SVD, 2005-09-09 11:32:16 ]
"the one you like" find ich immer noch geil!!! W?rd den gerne auf Vinyl haben.

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b-nita [ oslo, 2006-02-05 00:02:56 ]
wicked!!! i more like "the one i like" than "the one you like" he-he-hhh

beeside [ hamburg, germany, 2006-05-10 18:50:25 ]
"the one you like" is echtn burner! die nummer wird von mal zu mal besser! gl?cklicherweise bin ich im besitz von "final scratch", so dass ich die "scheibe" nich nur spielen sondern auch mixxen kann! nice one !!

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