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It's been pretty much three years since IJO honoured the Plainaudio catalogue with his Drill and Bass EP.
A lot happened in between. Not only did he live and work in London for over two years, gigged with Murcof, Plaid, Breakage or Ed Rush but also put out a record on his own (and with his own music obviously) and released electronic madness on various other netlabels like Envizagae and Resting Bell. Under his moniker 300 Degrees he branched out towards Techno and found a home at Canadian Napalm Enema Records.
Working in a London record shop obviously takes its toll: for his second installment on Plainaudio, IJO comes correct with two Neo-Jungle tunes we are now very happy to share with the public. Compared to his EP from 2006 both 'Floka' and 'Minutower' are rather tame beasts. However, it allows us to file this in our beloved Drum and Bass section and show, how versatile our man from Lithuania really is.

A     FLOKA 11.3 MB 11.3 MB

B     MINUTOWER 13.0 MB 13.0 MB

vojeet [ Germany, 2009-12-10 20:16:00 ]
Oho, this is Neo-Jungle. Deep sounds, dark and bright atmosphere, kicking beats & breaks, fresh hats... yep, this sounds great.

sac [, 2009-12-16 19:08:54 ]
this is absolutely massive + smashing. very nice rls there, guys. o/ top-notch as per usual.

hns [ B, 2009-12-19 13:11:58 ]
i called the T?V about this release, they declared it fit for any dancefloor... sch?net dingen!!!

meturi [ bonn/germany, 2009-12-25 06:30:44 ]
very very soulful