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If anyone from our humble artist roster could claim the title of a resident, it'd be Hek187 without a doubt.
It's the third round for our man from Berlin - after "Enemy's Inside" and "Big Dawg", we are happy to release yet another three-tracker-EP. Wether it's his steady appearance at various nightclubs and venues in the Berlin area or everyday (well, rather -night) business with two little'uns that gave the "Sleepwalker EP" its name, we cannot tell. Be it as it may - the listener gets his/her usual B-Boy treatment: deadly deep subs, clanking heights, grunting basslines and eerie pads'n'stabs in the middle. Random description you might think - yeah, well words are for readers, beats are for listeners - get yer copy, let the music do the talking.

A1     SLEEPWALKER 13.0 MB 13.0 MB

B1     NIGHTMARE 13.4 MB 13.4 MB

B2     SUBMONZTAH 13.7 MB 13.7 MB

shift [ snake mountain, 2011-06-21 14:53:36 ]
hi guys. the player wont stream this release (this end)
on the d/l/

shift [ snake mountain, 2011-06-21 15:10:32 ]
great stuff!!!!