Manu Harmilapi is known for being the founder of plainaudio, one of the driving forces behind elektronikmilieu and as drum'n'bass-dj and organiser of the drumbule series of parties under his alias iaka.

This double tracked approach results in an open-minded perspective and has been fuelling his music for years now. His style: slick-heavy electro-brown-bread with acid pickles, dismantled into 4/4. Short trips through the cut-off-caves of a dubtechexplorer shortly before the next error message. Self-made construction-site-electro with gnarling machine-bass, hi-tension-dub with the sound of rattling chains.

[1995-05-15]  manu iaka vol. 1 [startracks prod.]
// eureka, golden micro
[1994-07-10]  s-sit-2-tracker [sellout rec.]
// swimming in acid, acid dreams
[1993-06-15]  cologne sound waves [sellout rec.]
// explective sounds / immaterial
01. Current location
Hamburg / Hammerbrook

02. First record you ever bought
An Acid single from "DJ ungle Fever" (coloured vinyl)

03. Last record you bought
No - i don't want to update every week ;-/

04. Favourite musicians
Monolake, Boards of Canada, James Brown and if it comes down to crunch: technical itch, total science (older tunes), amenizm and stuff like this...

05. Favourite tracks
I'm not good at remembering tracknames

06. Favourite movies and/or books

07. Favourite labels
depends on time

08. The perfect pizza
Ham and cheese, some shrimps, hot peperoni and sauce hollandaise

09. The shoes you wore today
Black sneakers

10. First thoughts when waking up
If I had just gone to bed earlier...

11. Your most overused phrase on an instant messenger

12. Best curse-word

13. Musical styles the World doesn't need

14. What inspires you to make music?
Science Fiction, crazy situations

15. Favourite music production tool
Jeskola Buzz Tracker

16. Your secret audio weapon
Wouldn't be a secret any longer, if I told you

17. Other software you used today
Flash 8

18. Musical instruments you play
Can't call that instrument :-)

19. Person you least want to meet
A seller of tropical wood

20. Music you listened to today
A mixset of someone, who wants to play at a Drumbule party

21. Worst personal event
Dancing in a cheesy 80ies devil-costume within an exhibition dance group as the only guy

22. Worst trackname ever
"I love you"

23. Best trackname ever
"Don't delete"

24. Favourite member of Wu-Tang Clan
Method man

25. Best conspiracy theory
the 'wake the dog'-story (create a non-existing war for us-media to get better results of the election)