Bernd Eleazaar aka Mikrogram grew up in Ticul, Mexico, studied at the University of Pisa and received a Ph.D. degree in computer science and advanced metaphysics from the University of Lhasa.
His main interests are in type theory and operational knob-twiddling, mostly for applications in music design, semantics, and implementation.

His style actually can't be described that easily and covers a wide range from extroverted to introverted electronica to minimal-click-house and instrumental bliphop. Fresh beats are always being served and go down well with moody arrangements.

01. Current location
Latitude 53.550, Longitude 10.017 (roundabout)

02. First record you ever bought
Can't remember!

03. Favourite musicians
Can, Robag Wruhme, Frank Zappa, Claude Debussy, Slayer, MBV, GBV, BVSMP

04. Favourite tracks
Barry Ryan - Eloise
Pink Floyd - Dogs
NIN - Hurt
KRS One - Sound of the Police
Company Flow - Patriotism

05. Favourite movies and/or books

06. Favourite labels
Contexterrior, Deutsche Grammophon, Rephlex, Liebe*Detail, Stones Throw, Alphacut, Kitty Yo!

07. The perfect pizza
Patatas, Burritos, Corn + Onions

08. The shoes you wore today

09. First thoughts when waking up
Yes, I did it again.

10. Your most overused phrase on an instant messenger

11. Best curse-word

12. Musical styles the World doesn't need
Different strokes for different folks

13. What inspires you to make music?
Bad food and noisy surroundings

14. Favourite music production tool
The noseflute

15. Your secret audio weapon
see above

16. Other software you used today
word? ermm..

17. Person you least want to meet
John Kricfalusi (no, not least, most!)

18. Music you listened to today
Electric Light Orchestra, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Aardvarck

19. Best personal event

20. Favourite member of Wu-Tang Clan
Dirt McGirt

21. Best conspiracy theory
The Ipod is a brain controlling device

22. Favourite softdrink
Whiskey Sour