'UV' is one of the various alter-egos of Matthew Stenning, a UK based producer who has been making electronic music since his early-teens. Born in Preston, England in 1977, his love of electronic and melodic music was guaranteed thanks to a parental bombardment of Jean Michel Jarre, E.L.O, Cosmos (Vangelis), Roxy Music and Mozart, amongst others. He was later heavily influenced by A-Ha's 'Hunting High & Low' album - its epic, reverberating sound tied melancholic melodies with warm analogue synths and a healthy dose of abstract samples - a sound still reflected in the music he makes today.

By the time he was a teenager, Acid House was merging into Hardcore, and his obsession with music was cemented after hearing Signal Radio's 'New Dawn' show and mix tapes from events like Quest, Shelleys, Fantazia, etc. The Prodigy, 808 State, F.S.O.L and labels like Reinforced/Metalheadz, Production House, XL, Rising High, Suburban Base, R & S and Kickin' all confirmed his love of breaks, synths, samples and, importantly, atmosphere.

Technology has changed considerably since those days; starting off dabbling with simplistic hardcore via ProTracker on an Amiga 500, Maff got hooked on writing, and later, hardware - over the years he has bought synths, samplers, and drum machines, only to recently come full circle and get back to writing mainly on a simple Macbook Pro laptop.

The UV sound is an insular one and unintentionally disrespectful of genre - the point is to simply write what 'needs' to be written at that time, as opposed to curtailing to tempo, style or other restrictive boundaries - the mood could be dark, playful, energetic, organic, technological and so on - a simple case of 'whatever comes out'....a feeling, or vibe is prioritised, not category.

We're glad to have found this talented producer and proudly present his debut EP.

[2009-05-11]  UV - THE UV EP   /// GO TO RELEASE