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Staub delivers three electronic tracks of the deepest kind on this first release, which clearly represents the moodier side of plainaudio.
"Little by little" is a melancholic, yet fluffy electronica piece displaying Staub's talent for atmospheres and vibes. Think grainpads and 808 drums.
The second track "Back then" is an homage to oldschool techno and one of these tunes, that keep digging deeper and deeper whilst maintaing a laid back groove.
Last but not least there's "Schizoid", which could be best described as "psychotic techno": weird background vocals, intriguing hookline and bizarre melody-bits.
Now, that's entertainment.


B1     BACK THEN 10.5 MB 10.5 MB

B2     SCHIZOID 7.8 MB 7.8 MB

mika [ cologne, 2005-10-21 15:41:51 ]
nice tunes ;-)

raz0rsedge [ east coast lbe, 2005-12-19 21:42:47 ]
nice work, a path between autechre and boards of canada... rollin style.
keep goin' ;)

zeroHad [ barcelona, 2006-02-04 23:59:35 ]
that's warp-league ...

magnetic assassin [ cascadia, 2006-05-12 07:34:07 ]
excellent release! very tasty interplay between melody and harmonics.

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