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The second release on plain electronics. Mikrogram's "Bolzplatz" enters the soccerfield with two techno tracks of a different nature.
Bolzplatz is a raunchy stomper loaded with lots of twinkling effects, degraded noise and sounds from the echo chamber. Shifting between mysterious chords and mad noise, this track comes rollin' like a heavyweight truck.
The second track, Hallfeder, is a minimal dubtechy piece representing the man's calmer side. Still percussion-heavy, there's a much more relaxed vibe flowing through the track. About halfway through, a melancholic piano loop is being introduced and things start to get really deep.

A     BOLZPLATZ 9.0 MB 9.0 MB

B     HALLFEDER 8.9 MB 8.9 MB

dUdZ [ bielefeld, 2005-08-12 12:20:18 ]
brilliant tracks !!! what a beautiful release...

textlurch [ bavaria, 2005-08-17 13:48:00 ]
yep, quality stuff! thanks guys... gonna play this soon in the club!!