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Weird chopped up vocals mixed with 4/4 beats and a bouncy kickdrum are the ingredients of a fresh track: "Suspect" brings you minimalist electro deepness with a maximum hands-in-the-air factor. File under minimal pop.
"Error" represents Manu Harmilapi's more experimental side. A very funky minimal tune and the secret A side to this release. Hypnotic, disturbing and pure.

A     SUSPECT 17.6 MB 17.6 MB

B     ERROR 15.9 MB 15.9 MB

mushimara [ hamburg, 2005-09-05 15:33:09 ]
nice tunes - i mostly like "suspect"
(also the cover ;)))

Pingi Grossmann [ hamburg, 2005-09-06 21:20:10 ]
I really dig ping pong sounds, so my respect goes out for "error". Please feed us with more upcoming releases of plain audio.

Eric D. Clark [ my head, 2005-09-15 03:14:24 ]
Suspect/Error is probably the only current "electronic" release, for the sheer lack of a more accurate up to date term, that actually get's the listener's attention and holds it! This has become so rare these days that I've stopped listening if I hear nothing within' the first 20 seconds to hold my awareness...
Eric D. Clark - thanx and KEEP IT UP!

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S.L. [ cologne, 2005-09-27 20:53:32 ]
ein echolicht im ohr und gewollt eviliert, so klingt das. wie eine springform voll selbstgemachten apfelkuchen, die nach ?ffnen ihren duft in alle vier himmelsrichtungen verstr?mt. die klare abmischung und die kombination an ungeheuchelter ger?uschzusammenstellung geben dem charakter von "suspect" einen linientreuen, in der vielfalt bewegten, stil. also: voll toll! liebste gr??e, S.L.

Elektrofischer [ Hamburg, 2006-07-14 11:19:25 ]
Error: nice one ! big up!

Moritz "Mori Mor" Schwindt [ Dresden ---> Germany, 2006-07-17 15:29:35 ]
Hi, Manu Harmilapi
The Release "Suspect Error" is a nice sound! !!!RESPEKT!!!
I like your sounds and i mixed your sounds in my DJ Sets!
Mori Mor

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adam cooper [ adelaide australia, 2006-11-10 14:45:56 ]
Thank you so much love your music. Crazy stuff you rock.

Yugo [ Madrid-Barcelona, 2007-02-21 01:10:06 ]
Please keep onplaying with my brain waves......
i like the mixture of the speed and the bass as background

Yugo [ Madrid-Barcelona, 2007-02-21 01:10:41 ]