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Ramon's compositions are solely meant for the ambitious disco guest to gently trip off. Funk guitar, yeah-feelings and hands in the air meet with sample orgies, wafting synthy lines and bass drums which are almost as rough and warm as the coat of Bianca Jagger's mould. Most of the time, the beat is as straight as the highway to Las Vegas and as dry and hot as Death Valley.
However, Ramon has identification problems with the disco priest John Travolta, in case you even care enough to ask.

A1     JAMES MONACO 0.0 MB 0.0 MB

B1     YEAH 8.0 MB 8.0 MB

B2     P.Y.T 8.2 MB 8.2 MB

injure [ berlin, 2006-03-16 14:14:42 ]
spitzen release! mehr davon!

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