LXC is the man when it comes to hardcore Drum'n'Bass and weird Electronics from Leipzig. Just armed with an Akai and a Virus, he's been dropping ill shit since 1993, killing dancefloors all over Europe. Today, he enters the stage with an expanded live set-up, allowing for drastic noise treatments and making all ears bleed. Be aware of LXC's mighty label empire called Alphacut, which is obligatory for all dauntless breakbeat scientists out there.
At the time when Alexdee of Phantomnoise and LXC launched their Strukturbruch party series, the streets of Leipzig were no longer safe.
Fighting stylistic frontiers, supporting international acts and developing the early and boring Jungle vs. Breakcore concepts into an incredible Fakecore experience, these guys lived up to their ideas. Back in 2001, the impressive LXC vinyl debut on Phantomnoise 004 emphasized the tendency to more than just lazy 170 bpm loops just as later releases on labels like Santorin, Alphacut and Phantomnoise did, today even more than ever before.
Make sure you take cover when the one they call the LXC hits your town - because the future certainly won't be silent at all!

[2005-10-20]  A-Core - 23 Soldiers OF Fakecore [Minor / CCA / white]
// LXXXC - Ich liebe es, wenn der Funk explodiert! and other monikers
[2005-02-10]  hp.stonji - melaina chole Remixes [Phantomnoise]
// hp.stonji - 247 (LXC's advantageous restriction remix)
[2004-12-15]  Frost Session [Minor]
// 90min Tape, as Mandragora
[2004-09-09]  Rave Is Back EP [Phantomnoise]
// Rave Is Back / Rave is Back Again, on green-flourescent vinyl
[2004-03-03]  Alphacut 003 [Alphacut]
// Cycom - Rude Bwoy (LXC Remix)
[2004-01-23]  S Limited 300 [S Limited (Santorin)]
// LXC - The Most Important
[2003-12-13]  Alphacut 002 [Alphacut]
// MZE vs LXC - Stick Em Up
[2003-09-11]  Rush Remixes [Phantomnoise]
// Alexdee - Rush (LXC Remix)
[2003-01-05]  The Rise of LXC [Trash Tapes]
// Best of early LXC - Album
[2002-08-08]  Space Odyssey [Feinkost13]
// picture disc compilation from Leipzig, LXC - Dropscience
[2002-05-23]  Strukturbruch EP [Phantomnoise]
// 12" with Corebreaker, Eko, Strukture Break
[2001-12-23]  LXC live 2001 [Trash Tapes]
// live album
01. Current location
Somewhere over the rainbow

02. First record you ever bought

03. Last record you bought
Murder was the Case Remixes

04. Favourite musicians
France Gall, Hellfish, Liam Howlett

05. Favourite tracks
Kid Spatula - Hard Love

06. Favourite movies and/or books
Movie: Barbarella
Book: Huxley's Island

07. Favourite labels
Diggler, Deathchant

08. The perfect pizza
Whatever but pro Peperoni, contra Ananas!

09. The shoes you wore today
Vans de ma'n paar Schuhe brauchst

10. First thoughts when waking up
Not to remember the last thoughts of the day before

11. Your most overused phrase on an instant messenger
Instant what?

12. Best curse-word
The F-word, but with an Irish accent please!

13. Musical styles the World doesn't need
World Music? Hmm, no... Any Style at all...?!?

14. What inspires you to make music?

15. Favourite music production tool
Soldering iron

16. Your secret audio weapon

17. Other software you used today

18. Musical instruments you play
All but bongos

19. Person you least want to meet
Everyone who is reading this and wants to discuss with me about it

20. Music you listened to today
Diana Ross & The Supremes, LFO, Karlheinz Stockhausen

21. Worst trackname ever
Ass 'n' Titties

22. Best trackname ever
Capitalism Took My Childhood Away And Now I'm Really Mad! EP

23. Favourite member of Wu-Tang Clan

24. Best conspiracy theory

25. Favourite softdrink
Orangina Red, Rivella Green