After ten years of label history, over twenty artists contributing over thirty releases, we thought it's time to leave the arena.

Founded in 2001 by Manu Harmilapi, the label started with vinyl releases by Cycom and Barth and quickly evolved into Germany's most break-dominant Drum 'n' Bass label. In 2005, Plain relaunched as "Plainaudio", a free netlabel for Drum 'n' Bass, Electronica and Experimental featuring artists like Alpha Omega, Cartridge, Macc, LXC, IJO and Martsman amongst others. Due to various projects, jobs, families and other commitments, we're forced to prioritise otherwise and close down the label for the time being.

We thank all of our long time fans and supporters, all the artists, who contributed to our humble catalogue and all the befriended and associated labels.

With his release on Plainaudio, Lithuanian producer SoulSonic expands our catalogue with four pieces that can't deny being influenced by the mid to end nineties sound of Autechre, Boards of Canada and the melancholic fraction of the Warp family.
Square-edged slow motion beats meet sad synth stabs and pads in very tight and dense arrangements. As SoulSonic stated, it's emotions and personal experiences that generate the overall mood of his music. We'll leave any further interpretation to the listener.